About me

My name is Isabella, I’m a singer, artist, producer, mother and environmental enthusiast.

My passion for the health of our Earth and my love for everything that sparkles may not seem to go together, but that is where upcycling comes in.
I love home decor, but I cannot stand thinking of all the new products being made every day, minute, second. So I reuse, upcycle and try to minimize my carbon footprint.
Being an artist I love to make new things and share them, but art supplies can be incredibly harmful to the environment. So I save pretty little things from landfill, clean them, fix them and polish to impeccable shine to make something new.

Check my shop for all sorts of art, upcycled decor and vintage finds.

If you’re not sure what upcycling is all about, and the difference between upcycling and recycling, then check this article.

I hope you find my page useful and that it inspires you to see what you already own in a new light. Maybe that old statue you were going to throw out can be upcycled into something fabulous? Or all those cute homework books from the kids can be turned into gift wrapping? And most importantly, be creative, experiment and have fun!