Christmas baubles go in and out of fashion. Do you have some plastic ones that you don’t use anymore? You can upcycle baubles to beautiful christmas wreaths. They look festive and fun on your door.

Bauble wreath
First I wrapped the wreath with glittery string, then I glued the baubles on top

Start by finding or making a base. I have found mine in charity shops, but you can also make them from branches yourself.

Then get yourself a good glue gun. After going through a few cheap ones, I have discovered that quality does matter when it comes to glue guns. Go to a hardware store and get a good one and it will save you time and frustration.

Make sure before you start that you know how you’re going to hang the wreath up. A strong string or wire will do. Also make sure that you have the wreath on a flat surface and that the baubles don’t go below it so that it sits straight when hung up.

wreath bauble
I covered the wreath with silver glitter string and then I bunched together a few baubles on string and tied them to the top center

Then just start gluing the baubles on!

Here are a few examples of ones I’ve made. It’s easier to start with a pretty wreath and glueing just a few baubles on than going crazy and filling up the whole thing with baubles. I found the glittery silver decor at a charity shop. You can also use ribbon to cover an ugly wreath, or just buy or make a nice one to start off with.


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