How to make your own gift wrapping

Wrapping Christmas presents doesn’t have to cost you much money or harm the environment. There are many ways of packing gifts in environmentally friendly ways. You can of course buy reusable gift wraps or boxes, but making it yourself is more fun! I think sheet music looks so festive. If your kid is at music school, ask if you can take paper from the recycling bin (or if you’re brave, just go to your nearest music college and ask). I also love using my kids homework and drawings (you don’t have to keep all of them). Anything you’re about to put into the paper recycling over the year, take a moment to think, can this be used as gift wrapping? If it can, then store it away. I recommend that every home has a gift wrapping box somewhere to store materials. Save all bows and string as well in there, they’re reusable. I like to buy simple string from the gardening shop to wrap my gifts. I glue sheets of paper together (you can make your own glue if you’d like to be extra environmentally friendly) and then I try to avoid using sticky tape, but just bind the parcel together with string. Any natural string works. It’s also great to use left-over knitting yarn! Decorating isn’t a must, but it’s fun. I like to use buttons, beads, broken jewellery, toys… whatever I have that I’ve thought pretty enough to store in my gift wrapping box. If you’re more minimalistic than me then you can buy little things and toys for next to nothing at charity shops.

The most important thing is to be creative! Think out of the box and remember, it doesn’t have to look perfect.

Old toys create a vintage charm
Buttons can look pretty on parcels







How to upcycle gift wrapping

Personally I still receive a lot of gifts in “single use” gift wrapping. But I keep it and reuse it. Just unwrap carefully and glue a few together if you need a big sheet.



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