Do you have a collection of statues that don’t go together, tired of your living room or just want to have some creative fun? Buy some spray paint and gather your statues.

Charity shops are full of ugly old statues that no one wants and sadly many of them end up in landfills. I went out, bought lots of 90s black statues and home made porcelain at charity shops, a few spray cans and went outside. Spray paint is toxic and messy, so you do not want to do this inside your home. If you have a garage you could open the door and do it there, but be sure you are in a well ventilated area and that all ground is covered. I use old news papers under and do it outside. Just follow the directions on the spray can and go wild. Please have a look at the ones I made for inspiration. The ones below I first sprayed evenly in one colour and let dry. Then I took another colour and sprayed close up in one spot until the paint started dripping.

Upcycled flower pot
This was an ugly black 90s flower pot
Upcycled statue of Jesus
Jesus had been made at a porcelain class

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